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Who we are:  The Atlanta Workshop Players is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, family-friendly Performing Arts Company and Film School Conservatory. Our Story.

What we do: AWP provides professional-level training to challenge and inspire diverse people through extraordinary productions in a joyful, supportive, non-competitive atmosphere.  Our Classes.

Why it is important: AWP is more than a performing arts school. It helps students reach their full potential. Here, we embrace uniqueness, live out our passion, make strong industry connections, develop life-long friends, and live life to the fullest. It is important because it makes a lasting difference in the lives of kids, adults, artists, and in the world. Our Camps.

What makes AWP different? AWP provides scholarships and socially-responsible programs. It trains performing artists and filmmakers, offers opportunities & launches careers, but more importantly, it nurtures human beings and enhances communities. AWP makes love visible and empowers students to celebrate who they are. Building confidence and understanding helps students realize that they can and will have an impact on their world. AWP teaches life skills.  Our Workshops.

Make a donation! Give a student permission to make a difference and reach their full potential. By donating to the Atlanta Workshop Players, you are allowing a person to have access to world class training and help them change the world, one audience at a time!  Make a Donation!

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